Can A Professional Removals Company Help Your Business Weather The COVID Storm?

The COVID-19 virus continues to disrupt the lives of individuals across the globe, however nowhere has the disruption caused by the global pandemic been more keenly felt than in the business world, and the trends affecting office space offer ample evidence of the new reality today faced by businesses in London.

Office / Business Removals Service London

More and more employees have been forced to work from home as self-isolation regulations begin to affect the traditional ways of doing business and commuting becomes difficult, if not impossible in the current environment. The strain of conforming to social distancing requirements in the sometimes crowded office environment and the sheer discomfort of having to wear personal protective equipment has rendered business as usual simply impossible.

The result has been a trend towards telecommuting that has affected the viability of large and small office spaces — in short companies in London are struggling to justify the spaces that they own or rent — and many of these companies are breaking their leases or downsizing the spaces they use.

According to property-focused consultancy, DeVono Cresa demand for London office space fell by around 30 percent during Q1 of 2020 — and things have gotten worse since those early days of COVID. Derwent London, owners of some of the premier office space in London has gone on record as far back as August 2020 saying that the true impact of the Coronavirus has yet to be felt by owners of commercial property.

So what does this mean for those companies that are faced with much smaller office-based workforces?

The first order of business for these companies is to find a trusted mover that will assist them in relocating to smaller premises. This has become an increasingly common occurrence with companies that look to save money — especially in a business environment increasingly characterised by online shopping and the realities of the remote workforce.

There are also companies that have relocated to areas on the periphery of London to rent smaller office space and save on the premium rentals being charged in the centre of the City.

In addition, a professional moving company will also offer the option of storage. This is rapidly becoming an essential service as companies seek alternatives to larger spaces. The option of storage has also become more attractive for those companies that want to preserve assets that may be used in the future or are awaiting disposal. It is widely anticipated that the current trend towards smaller office spaces may reverse to a certain extent — and that the demand for larger spaces will rebound — in part because of the anticipated impact of the current vaccination drive and the expected softening of the rules and regulations governing movement and association.

However, what has become abundantly clear to both landlords and business owners is that a new normal as far as office space is concerned will dominate for the short and medium turn. In the current business environment, the services of a trusted, professional removals company like is absolutely essential.

Central Moves Ltd offer professional House & Office removals and storage for London, UK, Europe and international destinations.

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