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Making The Move To Ireland Before Brexit

The lead up to Brexit has not exactly filled those in the UK with confidence when it comes to certainty about their future. In fact, there are many who would characterise the process as chaotic. For many in the UK the idea that their freedom of movement across the EU and the streamlined opportunities for career advancement would be a thing of the past come December 2020 signalled that it was time to look for greener pastures. Pastures don’t come any greener than those found in Ireland — and that is where many in the UK are now shopping for accommodation — as a first step to getting an Irish passport which would allow them to retain their EU citizenship.

Move to ireland before brexit

However, it is not only individuals and their families that are looking to move to Ireland — businesses are also eyeing the country as an attractive option — especially since it would allow them more streamlined access to the wider European market.

For those who are evaluating where to move in Ireland the first choice that often springs to mind is Dublin. The city seems to have something to offer everyone. There are, of course the justifiably famous Dublin pubs and the parks, but there are cultural attractions such as world class art galleries. The city is also home to some of the most exciting dining destinations in Europe. The fact that Dublin is on the magnificent Irish coastline is also an attraction. One can be outin the bosom of Mother Nature within 30 minutes of leaving the city limits. The vibrant job market is another attraction for professionals who are considering making the move to Dublin their base of operations.

But the choice is by no means limited to Dublin and the big city pace of life. Places such as Galway, on the river Corrib in Ireland’s West have a slightly slower pace of life — and magnificent Atlantic views.

Another option is move to Cork. The advantages of this city in the south-west of Ireland are housing prices that are significantly lower than those of Dublin and it also boasts incredible nightlife and cultural attractions. The cost of living can also be much lower than Dublin — and there are pubs every bit as good as those that can be found in Dublin.

However, moving to Ireland can be a process that adds to the stress of modern life. Selecting a professional moving company that has a reputation for exceptional customer service and a full range of services is the key to enjoying that all important peace of mind when moving from the UK to Ireland.

Central Moves is one of those companies, see their page here: . With highly trained staff this London company (which is a member of (AIM) Association Of Independent Movers and FEDEMAC) works with some of the best moving companies in the UK, companies that offer fleets of specialised vehicles, this is a company that will handle any moving challenge. They will move individual boxes, part loads (which allow great cost savings) — or an entire household to Ireland — and the weekly schedule means that the move takes place in line with the clients timeframes.

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